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Audited decentralized betting: What do you need to know?

Soccercrypt - November 3, 2022

Soccercrypt Blog Content - Crypto Decentralized Betting

Nowadays, online gambling is at its peak, and decentralized audited betting is gaining massive attention. No doubt, online betting has a controversial history, but bettors still enjoy online betting. Sports betting has been common, and you may have witnessed how decentralized sports betting platforms are rising and revolutionizing the world.

Audited decentralized betting is a new mechanism and comprises blockchain technology. Blockchain betting technology stores information securely, and what else can be a better solution than this? This article is about giving you information about decentralized sports betting.

Let's start with its definition.

What is decentralized betting?

You might be wondering about it, but let's see what it is. In decentralized betting, you can place your bets without using any third-party links. It means there are no middlemen anymore. When you place decentralized bets, you stay secure from every type of fraud and reduce the risk of falling prey to it. If you are a sports lover, you can do decentralized sports betting by placing a bet on your favorite sports team.

Audited decentralized betting is in its initial stages and is composed of

Benefits of decentralized betting Transparency:

Centralized betting has cloaked secrecy, and decentralized betting is transparent with the bettors. They remain clear with their users about how they make money via decentralized betting platforms. So, if you want in-depth information about how it works, you can join decentralized betting.

Better odds:

In decentralized betting, there are no bookmakers, and the power is decentralized. The odds are much fairer and in favor of the bettors.

No fees:

In a centralized betting system, there is a fee that makers charge you, but in a decentralized system, you have to pay no fees at all. You do not have to pay anything in decentralized betting whatsoever.

Better Security:

Sports betting involves risking your money. The bookmaker is responsible for paying out your winnings. Unlike centralized sports betting systems, decentralized sports betting uses smart contracts to hold your funds. Therefore, your funds are always in your control and cannot be stolen or mishandled.


Decentralized betting systems place and process bets through decentralized networks rather than centralized networks. The advantages of this are numerous. A bookmaker is not needed since the middleman is removed. Through a secure network, bets are processed without the risk of fraud or account hacking.

Decentralized systems give better values and bring more flexibility to the betting space. In traditional betting, bettors have the fear of remaining unpaid whereas, in decentralized betting, bettors get paid. A decentralized betting platform does not hold winnings and facilitates the transaction.

Decentralized betting systems create communities of bettors using blockchain technology. There is no risk of losing money. Compared to traditional betting services, these decentralized sports betting systems are cryptographically secure and enable faster transactions.