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What crypto currency that I can play with?

Currently we only accept MATCH token as our main currency.

How do I get MATCH tokens?

You can click here and exchange your TRX or BNB to MATCH.

What do I need to put my betting?

All you need is to install the Tronlink into your browser and connect the wallet by pressing a "Connect" button on our site.

Can I become a Maker on DeBet platform?

Yes, we are one of the betting platforms facilitating our User to become a Maker and not merely a Taker. Therefore, you can set the market based on your own analysis.

How many leagues that your support?

We have no limitation on leagues to play. We connect our platform to the provider without any limitation. You can put your bet for any your favorite football club around the world.

Is there any mechanism to lower down the transaction fees?

We use Tron Network because it offers the most effective cost. In addition, we always do our best to minimize the transaction fee to embrace more users to experience our betting platform and enjoy the beeting results without paying extra cost.

Privacy and Audit

Do you store or process my personal data information?

We deploy our platform on top of Blockchain network and do not collect any your personal data. We only use your Wallet ID as the primary ID to execute the transaction.

How do I trust the processes in the Smart Contract used by Soccercrypt?

There is no a hidden process intended in our Smart Contract. The principle of Smart Contract is openess. Therefore, you can check it by your own. Nothing to worry about our Smart Contract.

Has Soccercrypt passed the audit process?

We are in the process of engaging a respected auditing firm. After completing the audit, we will share the audit report to exhibit our integrity and render a secure Smart Contract for not allowing irresponsible person to get their own benefit.


Are there any benefits for the MATCH token holders?

Soccercrypt main token is the MATCH token. We offer a DeFi service using MATCH tokens by visiting and stake your MATCH-TRX LP.

What is the fee structure of DeBet?

- Withdrawal / Platform Fee (only for the Winner!)
0% - if you are using Match token,
3% - if you are using other tokens.

- Smart Contract / Performance Fee
The rate of this fee depends on the network performance