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How and Where to know the FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022?

Soccercrypt - November 24, 2022

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The whole world suffers from a severe but lovely and exciting fever. This fever is none other than the FIFA World Cup 2022 that is held in Qatar and has attracted the attention of all the nations worldwide. For the same reason, we present a detailed FIFA world cup schedule 2022, which fans will love to know about. At Soccercrypt, we wish that a lot of happiness and satisfaction comes your way from all the practical measures taken. Many OTT platforms have made the FIFA world cup completely free to watch on their platforms, but only Soccercrypt can bring credible and time-to-time world cup updates to you. So, let’s consider that you have an original plan about all the FIFA games throughout the world cup. If you have the right source by your side, then relating with the tournaments and matches becomes easier for you, and you will not have to worry and stress out about missing the matches of your favorite teams. You can get the best out of your FIFA experience with the right source, so you should not avoid relating to these games and their sources at all.

How and Where to Know the FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022

Knowing about the FIFA world cup schedule 2022 in detail is the right of every football lover, and this can be facilitated to you very quickly by the following methods:

• OTT Platforms provide all the Detailed Information

The FIFA world cup 2022 tournament has been made available for people on OTT platforms, and that is why it is straightforward to download the respective application, enroll yourself in it with a subscription, and not only receive the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule but also enjoy every game live right at your home with popcorns and the whole family by your side.

• Searching for the same on Google will also mention Detailed List

Google is a perfect and widespread platform that provides you with many opportunities from the online medium. Everything is available on the Internet, and when people Google something they want to know, every detail appears on their screen. So, it is essential to notice this and not compromise in any context.

• Television is also another incredible Source to know about the FIFA world cup schedule

Television has always been the best and most effective medium for finding and correctly using the information at the right time. In the same way, if you want to know the exact schedule of the FIFA world cup games, you can take help from the television that lists the whole match schedule every day during the commentary of the ongoing matches.

All the above ways and places to know about the FIFA world cup schedule 2022 are authentic and don’t let any fraudulent activities occur with you. That is why their consideration should not be compromised to even a single bit and instead should be done as a topmost priority to ignore all the other factors completely and undoubtedly.


Football is a game that has gained immense importance because of some renowned and world-popular sportspersons. However, if you are a fan of football, then you will even pay attention to the unusual and not-so-visible players and appreciate their game to the fullest. This is what increases people’s interest in football, and this is what brings impact and value to these games. So, the foundation of the FIFA world cup is on people’s beliefs and considerations about their passion and interest in football sport.

Hence, if you are a fan of football, then ignoring the FIFA world cup schedule will not be possible for you and to keep all the updates right at your notification bar, being in touch with the authentic updating website such as Soccercrypt will be very helpful for you without any second thoughts regarding the same.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures

Match Date Team Name Venue
20th November 2022 Qatar Vs Ecuador Al Bayt Stadium
21st November 2022 England Vs Iran Khalifa International Stadium
21st November 2022 Senegal Vs Netherlands Al Thumama Stadium
22nd November 2022 USA Vs Wales Al Rayyan Stadium
22nd November 2022 Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia Lusail Stadium
22nd November 2022 Denmark Vs Tunisia Education City Stadium
22nd November 2022 Mexico Vs Poland Stadium 974
23rd November 2022 France Vs Australia Al Wakrah Sports
23rd November 2022 Morocco Vs Croatia >Al Bayt Stadium
23rd November 2022 Germany Vs Japan Khalifa International Stadium
23rd November 2022 Spain Vs Costa Rica Al Thumama Stadium
24th November 2022 Belgium Vs Canada Al Rayyan Stadium
24th November 2022 Switzerland Vs Cameroon Lusail Stadium
24th November 2022 Uruguay Vs South Korea Education City Stadium
24th November 2022 Portugal Vs Ghana Stadium 974
25th November 2022 Brazil Vs Serbia Al Wakrah Sports
25th November 2022 Wales Vs Iran Al Bayt Stadium
25th November 2022 Qatar Vs Senegal Khalifa International Stadium
25th November 2022 Netherlands Vs Ecuador Al Thumama Stadium
26th November 2022 England Vs USA Al Rayyan Stadium
26th November 2022 Tunisia Vs Australia Lusail Stadium
26th November 2022 Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Education City Stadium
26th November 2022 France Vs Denmark Stadium 974
27th November 2022 Argentina Vs Mexico Al Wakrah Sports
27th November 2022 Japan Vs Costa Rica Al Bayt Stadium
27th November 2022 Belgium Vs Morocco Khalifa International Stadium
27th November 2022 Croatia Vs Canada Al Thumama Stadium
28th November 2022 Spain Vs Germany Al Rayyan Stadium
28th November 2022 Cameroon Vs Serbia Lusail Stadium
28th November 2022 South Korea Vs Ghana Education City Stadium
28th November 2022 Brazil Vs Switzerland Stadium 974
29th November 2022 Portugal Vs Uruguay Al Wakrah Sports
29th November 2022 Ecuador Vs Senegal Al Bayt Stadium
29th November 2022 Netherlands Vs Qatar Khalifa International Stadium
30th November 2022 Iran Vs USA Al Thumama Stadium
30th November 2022 Wales Vs England Al Rayyan Stadium
30th November 2022 Tunisia Vs France Lusail Stadium
30th November 2022 Australia Vs Denmark Education City Stadium
1st December 2022 Poland Vs Argentina Stadium 974
1st December 2022 Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico Al Wakrah Sports
1st December 2022 Croatia Vs Belgium Al Bayt Stadium
1st December 2022 Canada Vs Morocco Khalifa International Stadium
2nd December 2022 Japan Vs Spain Al Thumama Stadium
2nd December 2022 Costa Rica Vs Germany Al Rayyan Stadium
2nd December 2022 South Korea Vs Portugal Lusail Stadium
2nd December 2022 Ghana Vs Uruguay Education City Stadium
03rd December 2022 Serbia Vs Switzerland Stadium 974
03rd December 2022 Cameroon Vs Brazil Al Wakrah Sports
03rd December 2022 Group A winner vs Group B runners-up Khalifa International Stadium
04th December 2022 Group C winner vs Group D runners-up Al Rayyan Stadium
04th December 2022 Group D winner vs Group C runners-up Khalifa International Stadium
05th December 2022 Group B winner vs Group A runners-up Al Thumama Stadium
05th December 2022 Group E winner vs Group F runners-up Al Rayyan Stadium
06th December 2022 Group G winner vs Group H runners-up Lusail Stadium
06th December 2022 Group F winner vs Group E runners-up Education City Stadium
07th December 2022 Group H winner vs Group G runners-up Al Wakrah Sports
9th December 2022 Quarter-final 1 Al Bayt Stadium
10th December 2022 Quarter-final 2 Khalifa International Stadium
10th December 2022 Quarter-final 3 Al Thumama Stadium
11th December 2022 Quarter-final 2 Al Rayyan Stadium
14th December 2022 Semi-finals 1 Lusail Stadium
15th December 2022 Semi-finals 1 Education City Stadium
17th December 2022 Match for 3rd place Stadium 974
18th December 2022 Final Lusail Stadium